Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"Squeeks - Behind Barz (Take 3) [@SqueeksTP] | Link Up TV"

"Squeeks - Behind Barz (Take 3) [@SqueeksTP] | Link Up TV" - Submitted on 10/09/2014
This freestyle is pure fire coming from a popular rapper Squeeks. What got everyone and my ears is what you said about a 'fellow' rapper and ex-friend Benny Banks. He clearly states with this bar "Niggas Crumble Call 'Em Cookie Banks You Ain't Bad You're A Pussy" that there is a little conflict between the two artist. That's besides the point as Squeeks delivery suited the bars and beat used. Many fans have said and agreed that this freestyle has 'real passion and emotion' which sums up what Squeeks is really about.
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