Wednesday, 10 September 2014


A lot of you may be wondering 'How can I make money online?'... It's actually pretty simple but takes a lot of time. If you are some one who has many twitter followers or friends on facebook then ptc and ptp sites are the way to go. You can make an account on this website using my referral link When you register you will be given two links:PTP and CTM links. I prefer using the PTP, this link is your own personalised link and will retrieve points that can be converted into cash. The reason you get money for sending traffic to this site is because it's full of advertisements... where there is advertisements there is money! 4ptp is only one website you can use, there are many more. You can use a website call hitleap to send traffic to your link, you do this by gain minutes by viewing websites on the hitleap page. When you have gained enough minutes, you can post your website and others will view yours. For 4ptp you will have to earn atleast 2$ before being able to cash out.

Another way to make money by using your 'popularity' on social network sites is through When you register on this website you will be given the option to partner with them. It automatically sets you up a gallery page full of images. When people view your galleries, you will get paid. DO NOT USE HITLEAP for as your account will be banned for 'fake' traffic and there is 20$ target before cashing out.

Thank you for reading...