Sunday, 30 November 2014

About Me

There is not much I could say about myself... Who am i kidding? IM A LOUD PERSON ON THE INTERNET but very awkward in real life. I love playing MMORGs and watching anime. I'm a sportive and kinda tall guy (6ft1 maybe even 6ft2 depending on the weather xD). I want to take a career path onto the internet and interact with everyone on the internet!

Friday, 28 November 2014

It's a new dawn. Its a new day. Its a new life!

Good morning everybody and I hope you all woke up feeling refreshed... if you didn't then I dont care... <3

I hit 1200 blog post views in one day yesterday?! One day?! Thank You all for viewing my posts, the reason I reach that amount of viewers is because I researched most viewed posts i.e. keywords and found out those two were the most talked about. Figuring out what people want to read will help your blog again more views! I know this post is short, but it still counts as one for the day so another will be uploaded later this evening! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Are Pay Day Loans Good?

Is anything that you need to pay back with interest good? NO! But sometimes you do need some money and payday loan companies take advantage of the people who need the money. You see their humour, animated and persuasive advert showing how easy it is to get money from them but how easy is it for you to pay them back?

DO NOT USE PAYDAY LOANS if you haven't got a secure job or not getting a job within the time period the money is due as they will constantly call you up and pester you until they receive their money with the interest they seem to make soooo tiny in their adverts.  As mentioned above, if you do believe you are able to pay them back then use them as they have what you need for that moment.

PAYDAY LOAN SCAMS: Please note that a lot of criminals that do fraud use payday loans as a way to get money from stolen debit cards so I suggest staying clear from payday loans as they sound disgusting and vile!

Thank you for reading :)

Auto Insurance?! NO! NO! NO!

I'm nearly 18 and I'm coming to a stage where having a car is a must... but the insurance for a car is far too much! Yes, I understand being 18 means you are young and a new driver, but paying more insurance than the amount your car cost is crazy! I want to drive a £300 car and pay £300 for it to be insured not £1000+! In america (USA) they call it auto insurance and in england we call it car insurance. Either way both countries have pricey insurances!

Main thing not to do is to buy insurance straight from the insurance company... The reason for this is because they will promote their most 'costly' or 'best for you' insurance package. Always use compare sites such as as they will gather all the best packages for you and will use you the information you've provided to find what you need rather than want the insurance company believes you need.

Thanks for reading.

UPDATES 27/11/2014

As you could tell by now... I've gotten accepted by Google Adsense meaning now I can make some revenue through their publisher programme. I reached the 5,000 total blog views milestone on 27/11/2014 and I am HYPEDDDD UP! Thank You all for reading/viewing my blog as it has motivated me to continue making posts/

-2 New posts a day: The reason for this is because I want to keep my blog active with gaining viewers throughout the day and this can only be possible if I post new content twice a day.

-Music Reviews: When I first started this blog, the main concept was to review music songs/video from youtube channels such as LinkUpTv, LDrecords and SBTV. However, I began to slack off in posting these reviews so I stopped this content. I am glad to announce, I will begin posting this content again, usually 3 times a week as this is not my main priority for content.

-Interviews: A lot of people have asked me on social networking sites to do interviews with important/famous people. You need to understand that a blog like mine, cannot get the opportunity to conduct these interviews as no important/famous people realise this blog exist. However, when the time does come... I will make sure that there is atleast 1 interview posted daily.

That is all for now, thanks for reading and I hope you have a nice day/evening.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Reasons why usability is important to a business!

‘A website to should encourage a visitor to look at the site content, easily find something of value and draw them step by step into the site’

Why is usability important to a business website and its customers?

 Usability is important for both the business and customer as this allows customers while surfing the business’ website to roam freely without any trouble and give options that allow the customer to make the website viewable to what the customer would like it to look like. These options could be a few theme changes, font size increase/decreased and other things similar to this. If this is not given this may causes problems for the user as they may be short-sited and want the font size to increase but cannot do so or if the font is too big and user want to make it smaller but it’s not able too.

That’s not the only example of usability, others are the navigation systems. If a navigation system of a website is too complicated and links have errors or load too slow this will put of the user from continuing to surf the website. Another thing that annoys users is if pop-ups open constantly interrupting the user while accessing the website caused by the website. Another problem that may come up is if pictures do not load properly on the page.

If users are attracted and like information(could be goods) given on the website they may want to register and keep up to date with the latest news from the website. When a user register and they have been asked to check their email to click on a confirmation link, most websites sending this link automatically, but others delaying causing frustrating as some websites allows registered users more access and the user must wait till the link has arrived. If it takes longer than an hour or so this could be seen as bad service as most websites offer better services. However some websites state their operating hours and say when they can get back to you.

When a user cannot find the information they are looking for on the website (i.e on the homepage) they use the search button to find it. When they have searched it and no search results have come up or the page crashes on the searched result they may not be interested on continuing their search on the website.

Customer retention is an important matter as a business will want their current customers to stay loyal and to do this they will need to provide certain features that they can only access on the website making them feel special and for them to know that you appreciate them. One feature will be allowing them to access certain information or getting a discount on items if your website runs a shop.


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thoughts on F2P games

As you may know by now there are a ton of F2P games out there... but are there actually free to play?I know these games have stores with items which their player can purchase with $$$ but arent these items usually required to enjoy the gameplay fully? Like end gear items etc.

If you play a F2P game on facebook... deactivate your facebook account and never go on the website again. These games force (persuade) you into buying digital items like gems just to play the game a little more. They lure you in with their fancy game graphics and then boom! You end up spending 100 of dollars without realising and end up playing the game just so you dont feel like you wasted money for no reason.

An example of a F2P game that fits into this category is PerfectWorld, they advertise it as a F2P, but its actually P2W meaning pay to win. After you reach 30+ the grind begins and you end up being forced to buy items to speed up the process.. and trust me this process even after spending money is still slow! I understand how you may spend money on fashion, mount etc but spending money on gear that other players cant achieve who dont spend money is a 'little' unfair. So all these games similar to PerfectWorld... FUDGE OFF!


Thanks for reading.