Thursday, 27 November 2014

Auto Insurance?! NO! NO! NO!

I'm nearly 18 and I'm coming to a stage where having a car is a must... but the insurance for a car is far too much! Yes, I understand being 18 means you are young and a new driver, but paying more insurance than the amount your car cost is crazy! I want to drive a £300 car and pay £300 for it to be insured not £1000+! In america (USA) they call it auto insurance and in england we call it car insurance. Either way both countries have pricey insurances!

Main thing not to do is to buy insurance straight from the insurance company... The reason for this is because they will promote their most 'costly' or 'best for you' insurance package. Always use compare sites such as as they will gather all the best packages for you and will use you the information you've provided to find what you need rather than want the insurance company believes you need.

Thanks for reading.