Sunday, 14 September 2014

"My youtube account got accepted by google adsense" #WDF #How #Do #I #Use #This #Google #Adsense

I've just gone back on my olddddd youtube account and ended up on Google ad-sense page where i received a notification confirming my application has been approved... But i have no clue on how to use Google adsense! Like I don't mean to sound a like b1tch but if I figure out how to use it, i'd probably begin uploading again but no! It's too difficult to learn how to use it! I've searched all over google search results and all of the tips have been terrible.

So if i do figure out how to use it then i'd be posting videos and blog entries! that is like double rubbish from me?!!?!?!? Sounds amazing, right? <3

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It's monday tomorrow and my weekend has been dead/sh!t///FUDGE YOU MONDAY!
I might as well let you know that i will be boosting my work rate and blogging more throughout this week! So you may see a lot of tweets on my account redirecting you to my page.

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

"Microsoft to purchase Mojang worth a £1.2Billion" @Minecraft @Mojang @Microsoft #Minecraft #Mojang #PLEASE #NO #Servers #Donations #Xboxone #Sony

Rumours are going round that Microsoft will make the move to purchase the legendary, loving and enjoyable game Minecraft (Mojang) for a £1.2 Billion deal... THAT'S TOO MANY ZEROS. I hope Mojang doesn't sell out. because Minecraft will be completely destroyed. We have no clue what Microsoft is capable of, they may even increase prices for new accounts, make playing latest version compulsory and must make an additional purchase to access older versions?! Who knows! But one thing for sure is that current servers that are making profit from 'donations' will have hefty lawsuits coming their way if Microsoft purchase Minecraft!

There are some benefits if Microsoft to purchase the game, they make update the games graphics completely, give it more a nicer look (we all know they have the money for it). Probably even make it easier to create minigame servers such as tnt run without even using bukkit plugins such as having the map reset automatically with new command blocks etc.

However, we've seen over the years when a big company has purchases a game studio... they've ruined all the studios titles. These small game studios make games to be enjoyable for a reasonable price and not to make tons of profits! It would be a great move for Microsoft as they can increase the price Sony are paying for the game to be playable on their consoles or remove it completely. I don't blame they if they do, it may sound silly but a lot of people will end up purchasing xbox ones just to play Minecraft. They also could add new features just for the Xbox One which will be a d!ck move but highly profitable.

My thoughts overall are that MICROSOFT STAY AWAY FROM MY BAE (MINECRAFT).

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"Ratlin - Lights Out (Music Video) [@Ratlin] | Link Up TV"

"Ratlin - Lights Out (Music Video) [@Ratlin] | Link Up TV" - Submitted 10/09/2014
Ratlin is back on linkuptv and what a way to come back! The beat is sick, in this one Ratlin spits some truth about he started on his ones and no one cared and now he's feared. Basically the usually 'trap life' music but come on... it's Ratlin so he makes sounds hard. This is motivinal music in its own way, not to become a trapstar or anything but to make something of yourself. You know everyone wants a rolex and hearing Ratlin got it at the age of 17 gives you motivation to do the same (in a different career path ofc).

The visuals in the video are good but not sure how it goes with the lyrics but you know Ratlin does his own thing. #BIKELIFE

Link to music video:


"STORMZY [@STORMZY1 ] - NOT THAT DEEP" - Submitted on 10/09/2014
"Should I killed them or no?" STORMZY YOU KILLED IT! I know this tune has been out for awhile, but I had to review it. Stormzy even with the all hype is still underrated and this video proved he has a lot more to offer. Stormzy is the only rapper that can spit fire and have the visuals calm without getting hate because he's just too good. He sends shots for everyone like "We've got ten man chasing a dream, you got 10 man sharing a spliff", when he said that... all dead rappers should have ended their life real talk. Stormzy ain't gonna' let no one touch the throne. 

If you go through all his videos, you will see that he's doing it all with his home boys. When he gets signed you know for sure he's gonna' bring in everyone who was with him at the start. I love the storyline his tunes are creating such as the ending to this song. 

The only thing I hate, is that it took 3 years for everyone to notice Stormzy is gonna' be a huge success. 

Link to music video:

If you want to know more about Stormzy you should check his documentary:



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Thank you for reading...




Genre: Drama and Romance

Target Audience: Teens
Rating:  4/5
Before even watching the film ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, I suggest you reading the book. When you finish reading the book you will have a slight image in your head on what the characters look like and when you begin watching the film… IT IS EXACTLY HOW YOU IMAGINED. The film is based around two teens (Girl and Boy) that have cancer but are completely different to one another. One is a cheerful, funny and loving guy called Gus and the other is an innocence, quiet and waiting to die girl called Hazel wanting to minimize the impact her dying would have. Hazel’s personality changes dramatically when she meets Gus at a cancer support group.

As much as Hazel tries to prevent herself from letting Gus into her life and quote from the movie said by Gus “I'm in love with you, and I'm not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things”. The chemistry between these two actors is so extremely good that makes the movie feel so realistically. You may be thinking… ‘It’s just another love story’…. NO it isn't! It’s a story about two teenagers that have fallen in-love but the effects of cancers prevents them from enjoying their life. I think if cancer (death) wasn't involved in this film, it wouldn't be as beautiful as it is.
My favourite moment in the film and what I was waiting for from reading the book is the trip to Netherlands. In that trip they forget everything about having cancer and just enjoy their company as if they are living in a bubble that can’t be affected by the corruption of the world. I agree the target audience is quite weird… as teenagers shouldn't be depressing their selves over cancer but it’s a great way to show that bad things to occur and you shouldn't allow them to consume you.

The film is full of quotes that are memorable and that helps you see the world in a different light like “You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope she like hers.” It sounds so deep but when watching the film and reading book it doesn't feel as weird as it sounds. You get put into a whole different world and are so engaged in the film that for that time length nothing matters. I DID NOT cry over the film, but I felt emotional a bit. Hazel said something along the lines as ‘you gave me a forever within a number of days’ which left me upset as the actor played her role so well that I felt bad for a week that she would die in real life!

The only reason I rated it a 4/5 is because I wanted to see how Hazel turned out, when did she die, did she get consumed by depression, did she go back to her old self. All these questions yet no answers have been provided. In some cases I prefer it as it allows you to imagine your own ending rather than being disappointed with the ending that could be shown in the film. 

"Dun D - Good Die Young (Official Video) R.I.P Theo Mensah | Link Up TV"

"Dun D - Good Die Young (Official Video) R.I.P Theo Mensah | Link Up TV" - Submitted on 10/09/2014
An emotional, upsetting yet most truthful song ever released in the uk rap scene. Dun D dedicates this song to the fallen solider Theo Mensah. He explains with a few words a whole story on how the good die young, but people who don't deserve to live i.e killers are still alive and breathing while Theo is dead. The visuals are as upsetting as the lyrics said as you can see his family mourning for him. I'm not sure what else I can say, I listened to this song a few minutes before I'm typing and I'm left speechless. I'm not sure how this even got dislikes, but I guess there are terrible people out there. -.-
Thanks for reading, 

Link to music video:

"Nego True | #Freestyle: MCTV //@NegoTrue @MCTVUK"

"Nego True | #Freestyle: MCTV //@NegoTrue @MCTVUK" - Submitted on 10/09/2014
An unfamiliar artist this time I'm reviewing. He's a poet/rapper, similar top George the Poet but this freestyle was intense. Nego True addresses all these so called trappers and "Molly" poppers, basically he terrorises them. What really was emotional was near the end of the track where he spoke about his broski and how a younger uses his name as a gang banger. He disapproves of this and says that if his brother was here he wouldnt want you to be like that.
Check him out and tell me what you think!
Thanks for reading,

Link to music video:

"Skinz - Behind Barz [@SkinzOfficial] | Link Up TV"

"Skinz - Behind Barz [@SkinzOfficial] | Link Up TV" - Submitted on 10/09/2014
First things first this video deserves more views and recognition that it has at the moment. This is the video that got me started to listen to Skinz and the main reason is that he keeps real. Literally he speaks about his life;in and out of prison etc. Behind Barz have given a huge opportunity for rappers to spit fire that don't get a chance to get on 'Fire in the booth'(FITB). I personally believe this is the best behind barz and if you are looking to listen to real bars and not these comercial rappers I highly suggest Skinz! One of the best in the U.K, but his work rate is not that good. I would love to hear more tunes of him.
Thanks for reading,

Link to music video:

"Squeeks - Behind Barz (Take 3) [@SqueeksTP] | Link Up TV"

"Squeeks - Behind Barz (Take 3) [@SqueeksTP] | Link Up TV" - Submitted on 10/09/2014
This freestyle is pure fire coming from a popular rapper Squeeks. What got everyone and my ears is what you said about a 'fellow' rapper and ex-friend Benny Banks. He clearly states with this bar "Niggas Crumble Call 'Em Cookie Banks You Ain't Bad You're A Pussy" that there is a little conflict between the two artist. That's besides the point as Squeeks delivery suited the bars and beat used. Many fans have said and agreed that this freestyle has 'real passion and emotion' which sums up what Squeeks is really about.
Thanks for reading,

Link to music video:

"Mover Ft Timbo - Ringtone [@TheRealMover @TimboSTP] (Music Video) | Link Up TV"

"Mover Ft Timbo - Ringtone [@TheRealMover @TimboSTP] (Music Video) | Link Up TV" - Submitted on 10/09/2014
Both rappers in this music video collabed perfectly together. Mover with the great punchlines and Timbo with the catchy singing chorus like all his other songs. The bars that Mover said in this video I believe should have earned him a place in the top 5 hardest barz of the week, but meh. The song is about how times changes and now people want to talk to you now that you are famous. The simple lines by Timbo made Mover's barz stand out even more and made the whole song flow amazingly. The visuals itself were good apart from the 'Black Rubber Duck' dancing in the background. I'd like to see more songs from these two together and hopefully a better video concept! 
Thanks for reading,

Link to music video:

"KING ROMIE [The Officials ] "TUN UPP" VIDEO BY @RAPCITYTV @Kingromie1"

"KING ROMIE [The Officials ] "TUN UPP" VIDEO BY @RAPCITYTV @Kingromie1" - Submitted on 10/09/2014:
This is the first music video I've ever heard from this artist called King Romie and I was surprised to say the least. This an unknown artist is better than most popular/overrated artist I've heard. His flow at the start is one of the best I've heard. The way he delivered the first few lines and the way the beat synced with his voice just made the song x100 better. However, the song is cliché and similar to what most rappers are producing at the moment. Just the same shit different video... I would like to hear a fire in the booth or behind barz from him. 
Thanks for reading,  

Link to music video:

"Shockers & Skore Beezy - Tree High [Music Video] @ItsShockers | Link Up TV"

"Shockers & Skore Beezy - Tree High [Music Video] @ItsShockers | Link Up TV" - Submitted on 10/09/2014:
This is a music video that features two artists which are Shockers and my personal favorite at the moment Skore Beezy. The main purpose of this video was to give the viewers(i.e. myself) on how it is getting 'Tree High'. I got to admit that I skipped ahead and went to Skore Beezy's part and was delighted by his delivery of words. He has proven on my occasions why everyone think he's one of the best rappers in the U.K, but this specific doesn't do him much justice... I hope to see more from him and Shockers. 
Thanks for reading,

Link to music video: