Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Reasons why usability is important to a business!

‘A website to should encourage a visitor to look at the site content, easily find something of value and draw them step by step into the site’

Why is usability important to a business website and its customers?

 Usability is important for both the business and customer as this allows customers while surfing the business’ website to roam freely without any trouble and give options that allow the customer to make the website viewable to what the customer would like it to look like. These options could be a few theme changes, font size increase/decreased and other things similar to this. If this is not given this may causes problems for the user as they may be short-sited and want the font size to increase but cannot do so or if the font is too big and user want to make it smaller but it’s not able too.

That’s not the only example of usability, others are the navigation systems. If a navigation system of a website is too complicated and links have errors or load too slow this will put of the user from continuing to surf the website. Another thing that annoys users is if pop-ups open constantly interrupting the user while accessing the website caused by the website. Another problem that may come up is if pictures do not load properly on the page.

If users are attracted and like information(could be goods) given on the website they may want to register and keep up to date with the latest news from the website. When a user register and they have been asked to check their email to click on a confirmation link, most websites sending this link automatically, but others delaying causing frustrating as some websites allows registered users more access and the user must wait till the link has arrived. If it takes longer than an hour or so this could be seen as bad service as most websites offer better services. However some websites state their operating hours and say when they can get back to you.

When a user cannot find the information they are looking for on the website (i.e on the homepage) they use the search button to find it. When they have searched it and no search results have come up or the page crashes on the searched result they may not be interested on continuing their search on the website.

Customer retention is an important matter as a business will want their current customers to stay loyal and to do this they will need to provide certain features that they can only access on the website making them feel special and for them to know that you appreciate them. One feature will be allowing them to access certain information or getting a discount on items if your website runs a shop.