Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thoughts on F2P games

As you may know by now there are a ton of F2P games out there... but are there actually free to play?I know these games have stores with items which their player can purchase with $$$ but arent these items usually required to enjoy the gameplay fully? Like end gear items etc.

If you play a F2P game on facebook... deactivate your facebook account and never go on the website again. These games force (persuade) you into buying digital items like gems just to play the game a little more. They lure you in with their fancy game graphics and then boom! You end up spending 100 of dollars without realising and end up playing the game just so you dont feel like you wasted money for no reason.

An example of a F2P game that fits into this category is PerfectWorld, they advertise it as a F2P, but its actually P2W meaning pay to win. After you reach 30+ the grind begins and you end up being forced to buy items to speed up the process.. and trust me this process even after spending money is still slow! I understand how you may spend money on fashion, mount etc but spending money on gear that other players cant achieve who dont spend money is a 'little' unfair. So all these games similar to PerfectWorld... FUDGE OFF!


Thanks for reading.