Sunday, 23 November 2014

Teamwork in more depth! #TEAMWORK

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What is a team?
A team is a group of individuals coming together to complete/reach a certain goal. A team will contain a leader that decides on what should be done; usually their decision is final depending on the type of leader they are.
Advantage of a team:
A clear advantage of a team is that rather working individually, being in a team you are able to gather new ideas and improve your skills as members of the group may be better at something that you are not. Having other peoples opinion heard will help coming to a decision easier and will divide the workload equally rather than doing everything yourself.
Another advantage is that the team brings people who were not communicating before together and creates new friendships. Having someone to complete a task with motivates you to complete it, as it is not only yourself that is at risk. This gives a person in the team a feel of having more responsibility than they would have alone.
Disadvantage of a team:
One disadvantage of many of a team is that a leader is a big aspect of it. As many people of the group may see themselves ‘leadership material’, coming to a decision on who should be leader will be very difficult and even when a leader is chosen many people may feel disappointed which will cause conflict within the team.
Another disadvantage of a team is that not everyone within the group may be confident in their skills. If someone is unable or slacks off within the team then this will affect the whole team. For example someone has not completed a poster that is due in tomorrow, the team will then be behind and must catch up and make up for the person within the team.
What is a Formal Group?
This is a group that is run by rules and regulations. This group must follow these rules and regulations when completing the given task.
Advantage of Formal Groups:
An advantage of a formal group is that the goal will be reached quicker as everyone is aware of they must be doing and no distractions are caused as the rules and regulations are keeping them on track.
Another advantage of a formal group is that every member of the group already has role and rules are there to guide on what they doing rather than being confused for a long period of time and asking questions causing the group to delay their work rate.
Disadvantage of Formal Groups:
A disadvantage of a formal group will be that the a time may come where the members of the group feel unmotivated and when this occurs the members of the group will begin to slack off. This could be due to not having their ideas heard as their superiors have put ideas into place.
What is an Informal Group?
An informal group is a complete opposite of a formal group. It doesn’t have any direction from the leader, which you see in formal groups. This group develops on its own among each other rather than following what formal groups follow.
Advantage of Informal Groups:
One advantage of informal groups is that group members will feel more comfortable in expressing their own ideas and opinions on what should be while achieving their goal. This will prevent any awkwardness or conflict to occur and if conflict does occur it is to some extent where it benefits the group.
Disadvantage of Informal Groups:
As this is an informal group, conflict will most likely occur. Conflict is sometimes good for a group but when a member has personal conflicts then they are preventing the group from progressing and causing the team to disband.
What is a Permanent Group? This is a group that has had the same members for long period of time and will still have the same amount of members in the near future unless someone decides to leave.
Advantage of Permanent Groups:
This group is usually based on friendship and members previously knowing each other which itself is a clear advantage as members of the group already know whom they are working with and are comfortable working with them. Another advantage is that the group will usually exist for a long period of team and will achieve many of their sets goals as they will have a chosen leader and will all have responsibilities that are suitable to their skills.
Disadvantage of Permanent Groups:
A disadvantage of a permanent group is that their members will stay the same and outcome of this maybe that the group members feel unmotivated due to working with the same people. This will cause the splitting of the group and the group being disbanded.
Another disadvantage is that having no new people in the group will limit the ideas being discussed and the varieties of skills within the group. Having new people in the group will mean that the group can improve greatly and group such as this will not be able to due to this disadvantage.
What is Temporary Groups? This is a group that has been formed to complete a certain task and will then disband after completing this task. They will be a group for a certain amount of time usually until the goal has been reached/achieved.

Advantage of Temporary Groups:
A clear advantage of Temporary Groups is that the members have the freedom of choice to either work together or leave to join another group. Linking back to this advantage, as this group is temporary, the group will be able to have many new members joining and helping by sharing new ideas and suggestions.
Disadvantage of Temporary Groups:
As I’ve stated in the advantage of temporary groups: members are able to leave whenever they choose too. This is also a disadvantage as if a member leaves then the group must find a replacement as losing a member could delay their work rate. Also being a temporary groups means that the members know that after this task is completed they will most likely not be together. This may cause lack of interest as members may not feel committed to achieving the goal.
Benefits of Teamwork:
Teamwork has many benefits and the first one I would like to talk about is the unity teamwork creates when groups of individuals come together to achieve a similar objective. This allows the team to share their own ideas but also gain positive feedback from the group on their ideas. This allows the team to be on the same page and will increase the chances of the team completing the given task.
The next benefit of teamwork is the skills being gathered when a team is formed. Instead of working individually on a task, a person in a group will have people who may be more skilful at something than they are and which will help the team achieve their goal. Having a variety of people in a group that have different skills will help each other out on what they are lacking i.e. computer skills will be useful when a team is creating posters. So if a person is able to teach the other members the basics then this will increase the production of the team.
The third benefit of teamwork that promotes being a team better than working individually is the work rate. Instead of someone working countless on everything without any help. Being part of the team will decrease the time take to do this as everyone will be assigned a different small task to do within the big task.
The next benefit of teamwork that I would like to talk about is that a leader is chosen within the group. This leader has the responsibility of deciding what the team must be do, this is a benefit as the group will give input on what the team should do the leader can decide the best option without being bias to anyone.
Another benefit I will like to talk about is the reduction of alienation. This is when an individual feels distanced from others and has no belonging. Being part of a team will prevent this from occurring as they will be communicating often with a set of individuals rather than just being an employee in a large organisation.
Last benefit and I believe is most benefit of team work is fostering innovation. Being part of a team you are able to motivate and encourage fellow team members by your ideas. They will feel enthusiastic and more interested in working together to complete the task. These ideas will be used as a base format which will be modified to produce the best possible idea.