Thursday, 27 November 2014

Are Pay Day Loans Good?

Is anything that you need to pay back with interest good? NO! But sometimes you do need some money and payday loan companies take advantage of the people who need the money. You see their humour, animated and persuasive advert showing how easy it is to get money from them but how easy is it for you to pay them back?

DO NOT USE PAYDAY LOANS if you haven't got a secure job or not getting a job within the time period the money is due as they will constantly call you up and pester you until they receive their money with the interest they seem to make soooo tiny in their adverts.  As mentioned above, if you do believe you are able to pay them back then use them as they have what you need for that moment.

PAYDAY LOAN SCAMS: Please note that a lot of criminals that do fraud use payday loans as a way to get money from stolen debit cards so I suggest staying clear from payday loans as they sound disgusting and vile!

Thank you for reading :)