Thursday, 11 September 2014

"Microsoft to purchase Mojang worth a £1.2Billion" @Minecraft @Mojang @Microsoft #Minecraft #Mojang #PLEASE #NO #Servers #Donations #Xboxone #Sony

Rumours are going round that Microsoft will make the move to purchase the legendary, loving and enjoyable game Minecraft (Mojang) for a £1.2 Billion deal... THAT'S TOO MANY ZEROS. I hope Mojang doesn't sell out. because Minecraft will be completely destroyed. We have no clue what Microsoft is capable of, they may even increase prices for new accounts, make playing latest version compulsory and must make an additional purchase to access older versions?! Who knows! But one thing for sure is that current servers that are making profit from 'donations' will have hefty lawsuits coming their way if Microsoft purchase Minecraft!

There are some benefits if Microsoft to purchase the game, they make update the games graphics completely, give it more a nicer look (we all know they have the money for it). Probably even make it easier to create minigame servers such as tnt run without even using bukkit plugins such as having the map reset automatically with new command blocks etc.

However, we've seen over the years when a big company has purchases a game studio... they've ruined all the studios titles. These small game studios make games to be enjoyable for a reasonable price and not to make tons of profits! It would be a great move for Microsoft as they can increase the price Sony are paying for the game to be playable on their consoles or remove it completely. I don't blame they if they do, it may sound silly but a lot of people will end up purchasing xbox ones just to play Minecraft. They also could add new features just for the Xbox One which will be a d!ck move but highly profitable.

My thoughts overall are that MICROSOFT STAY AWAY FROM MY BAE (MINECRAFT).