Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"Skinz - Behind Barz [@SkinzOfficial] | Link Up TV"

"Skinz - Behind Barz [@SkinzOfficial] | Link Up TV" - Submitted on 10/09/2014
First things first this video deserves more views and recognition that it has at the moment. This is the video that got me started to listen to Skinz and the main reason is that he keeps real. Literally he speaks about his life;in and out of prison etc. Behind Barz have given a huge opportunity for rappers to spit fire that don't get a chance to get on 'Fire in the booth'(FITB). I personally believe this is the best behind barz and if you are looking to listen to real bars and not these comercial rappers I highly suggest Skinz! One of the best in the U.K, but his work rate is not that good. I would love to hear more tunes of him.
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