Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"Ratlin - Lights Out (Music Video) [@Ratlin] | Link Up TV"

"Ratlin - Lights Out (Music Video) [@Ratlin] | Link Up TV" - Submitted 10/09/2014
Ratlin is back on linkuptv and what a way to come back! The beat is sick, in this one Ratlin spits some truth about he started on his ones and no one cared and now he's feared. Basically the usually 'trap life' music but come on... it's Ratlin so he makes sounds hard. This is motivinal music in its own way, not to become a trapstar or anything but to make something of yourself. You know everyone wants a rolex and hearing Ratlin got it at the age of 17 gives you motivation to do the same (in a different career path ofc).

The visuals in the video are good but not sure how it goes with the lyrics but you know Ratlin does his own thing. #BIKELIFE

Link to music video: